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Sistem Pool Unlimited Size and Shape Prefabricated Swimming Pools

In 1999 for the first time in Turkey,we started with Zodiac prefabricated swimming pool installation with international quality and standarts and moved to infinity in this lane.At the present time ,we are producing our own designed swimming pools with own trade mark. The invention of this new pool design and the excellent quality in REASONABLE price we would be pleased  to establish  this high technology pool systems worldwide.

Why Prefabricated Swimming Pool?
  • Numerous design alternatives,
  • The easy, simple and effortless mounting for underground, half underground and above ground pool applications
  • Free area analysis and preliminary design for every pool speciality
  • Living microorganism areas are prevented through PVC Liner or polyurea named spraying extreme layer
  • All of  our pools are given in with modular steel wall panels, filtration system, recirculation pump, water and pool cleaning units,protection cover(optional),chemical shocking kit  as complete kit,
  • Assurancce for spare part and service after sale.
  • SISTEMPOOL is our trade mark as registered
  • Our modular steel panels are manifactured  in our own factory in İstanbul which are secured by a patent


with DLW delifol lineer pool coting, 10 year warranty certificate


  • 110 years of worldwide recognised brand assurance is Zodiac
  • 10 years warranty is provided
  • As it is portable and prefabricated ,project and license is not required
  • With its useful pool geometry ,it  has aesthetic appearance
  • Due to the blowing pressure coming from nozzles ,it gives the effect of jacuzzi and you can have fun.
  • Ground structure is not a problem ;it can be installed anywhere
  • The areas that has prohibition of excavation,above ground models are available
  • For 50 m2, after preparing the ground for the pool installation 1-3 days, it takes only 2- 6 days
  • Strength steel in the structure of the inner wall of the pool,the liner is coated braided dynalon
  • As it is covered with the material  anti fouling which means ‘without pore’there is no formation of algae in the pool environment and also no water leak.It is without suture
  • There is no place to shelter bacteria.İt is extremely hygienic
  • Chemical use rate is %50 less than stone tiles pool.
  • With powerful pump water treatment system ,it enables drinking water quality
  • İt has extremely practical usage(especialy for the indoor areas)
  • With the model you want,environmental compliance and in natural appearance it can be made in an entertaning way with its strong construction.
  • Investment costs are %30 ,operating costs are%50 less.
  • Can be disassembled and relocated if desired.
  • Due to the reflection properties  of liner,it can be applied to all kinds of lighting systems.


  • 1.2 mm thick Assan steel over galvanized steel is made
  •  If desired; 304 or 316 stainless steel can be manufacted
  • According to  European standarts,CNC machine tool produced in hightech product .
  • 10 years amortization product is guaranteed
  • Panels ,floor of the pool to the private small pools are 1-3 days,large commercial pools 2-6 days to install
  • Unlimited pool geometry with desired sizes and shape impressions available
  • Installation is extremely practical



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SİSTEMPOOL tanıtım CD miz


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